Towards responsible and sustainable fisheries

A billion people dependent on fish in the world  |  From years of  “miraculous fishing” to stock collapse  |  An unlikely return to initial state  |  Impacts
of fisheries on the marine ecosystem as a whole
  |  A worrisome reduction
in fish size
  |  Dynamics of exploitation systems  |  Towards
responsible and sustainable fisheries
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Halieutique Méditerranéenne et Tropicale

les écosystemes marins

Ocean resources are diminishing dangerously due to overfishing, pollution and global warming. This depletion is of particular concern in southern countries, where fish, a source of revenue for millions of people, takes on major importance in terms of food security.

In this context, scientific research has an essential rôle to play. For scientists, one of the main stakes is to better quantify the effects of fisheries on ecosystems. Many gaps are still to be found in this domain, for it is only recently that research efforts have focused on the functioning of ecosystems as a whole.