Large upwelling ecosystems of the world

Three comparable ecosystems
Three different ecosystems:
The Benguela Current   |  The Canaries Current  |  The Humboldt Current
Modelling, GIS, acoustic observation...


Four large upwelling ecosystems border the western/eastern  boundary of the great continents. In the Atlantic, these are the Benguela Current in the southern hemisphere (Southern Angola, Namibia, South Africa) and the Canaries Current in the northern hemisphere (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia). In the Pacific, these concern the Humboldt Current in the southern hemisphere (Peru and Chili) and the California Current in the northern hemisphere (USA and northern Mexico). This last current has been only marginally studied by IRD and will not be presented here. Upwelling ecosystems provide more than 40% of world fisheries catches whereas they represent less than 3% of the ocean’s surface.. Upwellings are induced by winds which cause the movement of cold, deep ocean water, rich in mineral salts, to the surface. The source of high biological production, they are nevertheless subject to significant interannual and interdecedal fluctuations. Presently, these ecosystems are undergoing the effects of climatic change and those of the reorganization of world fisheries, which may lead to significant modifications in their organization. Their management must also be conceived within the wider framework of coastal development in bordering areas.
IRD and their partners are conducting research of both an integrated and comparative nature: integrated, because it takes into account the climate and the physical environment, ecosystems and fisheries ; Comparative, because in order to better understand the functioning of these systems by examining their similarities and differences, it uses the same research tools: telemetry, statistical analysis, modelling, geographical information systems... in the three upwelling zones of the Benguela (west coast of Western Africa), the Canaries (coasts of West Africa) and the Humboldt (South Pacific, coasts of Chili and Peru) currents.

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