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Ambae Island and Lombenben Volcano

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monitoring of the volcano

The Lombenben (1496 m elevation), on the island of Ambae (also called Aoba), represents the top of the largest activew volcano in the Vanuatu group. It rises 4000 metres above the ocean floor. It is one of a few dozen active volcanoes in the world to have hot, acid crater lakes. Ambae Island belongs to the central portion of the volcanic Arc of the New Hebrides, set between deep ocean basins (2000 to 3000 m) to the north and south.
The island dates back to the Quaternary Era. The central dome, about 15 kilometres in diameter, was built up by lava and pyroclastic flows. In more recent times, this has been limited to lava outflows through cracks in the sides of the dome.

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