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Karua, a volcano born out of a cataclysmic event

After Kuwae: Karua 
Cyclic fumarole activity  |  500 years of oral tradition

Cyclic fumarole activity

A few months after the 1997 IRD cruise, another visit was made to Karua, taking along a "Pluto" remote-controlled submersible device. The craft was able to film the summit area of the volcano, and found no evidence of gas emission. This confirmed that the fumarole activity is intermittent, consistent with eye-witness reports of surface water discoloration at the site. The "Pluto" sub can be remote-controlled to depths of 400m, and its camera showed the presence of many marine species established along the rim of the Kuwae caldera, particularly around Laika Island. This latter, together with Tefala Island and "Sail Rock" are all that remains of the land-bridge which existed between Epi and Tongoa Islands before the cataclysmic eruption of 1452.

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