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Lopevi: attempts at settlement

Attempts at settlement  |  Occasional violent eruptions
A potential threat for nearby islands

A potential threat for nearby islands

Lopevi has no permanent settlement. During calmer periods, people come for a few weeks at a time to tend their gardens. Catastrophic volcanic events are therefore mostly a hazard for nearby islands, particularly the heavily populated island of Paama. In 2001, the ash cloud from Lopevi darkened the skies and polluted the drinking water supply . The June 9, 2003 explosion affected the area a little less, as the presence of cyclone Gina in the vicinity generated winds which shifted the ash cloud more to the south-east of populated areas.
Volcanic events at Lopevi are reported by VAAC (the centre for monitoring volcanic activity potentially hazardous to air traffic). The fact that the slopes of the volcano are made of highly unstable layers of volcanic material can also represent a tidal-wave danger for nearby islands.

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